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Young Democrats of Utah

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State Chairs Message January 26, 2009 Last Updated on 2009-01-01 00:00:00   Chair’s Message   (This message was delivered by Chairman Holland at the annual Legislative Gala on January 24, 2009) I first met Barack Obama at the bottom of the escalator at the Washington Hilton almost exactly a year ago.  This was in his pre-Secret Service agent days, so it was just Obama and one aide and we were able to talk without interruptions that come with agents and large crowds around.  It was clear to me that this man was going to become president some day, probably sooner than later.  When you’re face to face with him there’s a leadership and a confidence that is unmistakable.  His vision goes far beyond the normal person’s ability to see what needs to be done. After the 2004 presidential campaign, we talked about how the Rocky Mountain states would be battlegrounds – in part because the evangelical right agenda of the... More »
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